Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Is that a green thumb?

So the truth is that I've never managed to keep a plant alive for longer than a plant will stay alive whilst being utterly neglected. In fact, I normally think of houseplants the same way I think of flowers. I buy them, they look pretty for awhile, they die, I replace them. And really, a houseplant will stay alive with hardly any care for months sometimes so financially I feel it works out for me. Though I guess it doesn't work out so well for the plants.

But I am a homeowner now. And thus I must do homeowner-y things like actually change the furnace filter and scrub in those obnoxious corners between the toilet and the tub in the bathroom.

This summer I decided that I would try planting things outside! Of course, as you can see, I don't really have a backyard per se.

I have a lovely deck, a strip of pine trees and evergreen bushes (to the right) growing out of a mountain of woodchips and then a little stubby patch of grass (to the left) where nothing will grow due to the large tree adjacent to the deck.

Neither Mr. Rose or myself are particularly interested in doing a lot of yard work so this set up is perfect for us. And one day we will be extra homeowner-y and put a patio down on that scrubby patch of grass thereby eliminating the need to mow any sort of lawn. Then we'll be living the dream.

Anyways, I decided to plant things in pots on the deck. Seems more low maintenance anyways. So, the point of this somewhat rambly post, is....ta da! Here is my garden:

In my mind it seemed so much more epic. It was a lot of work to plant those six little pots of flowers. Two trips to a garden centre, numerous strings of curse words, one dead bee incident, one slipper throwing incident, and a very sore back.
I think my only question is, how long do the plants have to live for me to be considered a gardener?


Meg said...

Good job! On the upside, those plants only need to make it this one season- so 3 months? 2 months? You can totally do it!

Don't forget to ask the Joneses to water them for you while you're gone, though. They seem like the type who would.

Sterling Lynch said...

Well, you've now already heard the story of the basil plant and the aphids so I have nothing to add here. :)

Paper Bag Princess said...

Change the filter furnance what now??

Lady Rose said...

you're supposed to change your furnace filter every 4 months! or you get the reusable kind but then you have to take it out every 4 months and wash all the gunk off of it. Otherwise it doesn't filter, I guess.

I think it's supposed to help your furnace last for longer. Or so a furnace dude told me.