Monday, June 22, 2009

The Longest Week

Today was the longest day ever so I assume the week will follow suit. You see dear readers, I am waiting for something. Something so rare, so thrilling, so deliciously decadent...well, I can barely keep my pants on!

This weekend, Mr. Rose is flying off to California to attend a reading of a play he's been shopping around to pro companies. Hopefully the schmoozing and networking opportunities will lead to a professional production.

But is this important career opportunity what has my knickers in a joyful knot? No my friends, it is not.

This weekend, while my spouse enjoys some sweet California sunshine I will have...the house to myself. That's right, 2 days and 3 nights of blissful, unencumbered puttering will be mine, all mine. After 7 years of marriage I look forward to these brief breaks where I can eat toast and brussel sprouts for dinner, starfish out in the bed and listen to any song I want on repeat for 30 minutes.

I know that I test out as wildly extroverted on the old Myers-Briggs but sometimes baby needs to be a quiet little hermit. I plan to shun all humans, though I do have a social engagement to attend on Saturday evening which, honestly, is really for the best. Because I'm not actually very good at shunning all humans and have about a 24 hour limit before I start feeling the need to interact with somebody. So, admittedly, I'm not a great hermit.

I already have my Friday night planned! I will come home from work and putter aimlessly about the house for half an hour before making a delicious taco salad. I will proceed to eat said taco salad while watching Fellowship of the Ring (my favorite of the trilogy. and more importantly, impossible to do when Mr. Rose is around because he wants to then watch all the rest of the trilogy!). I may also drink an entire bottle of wine (there's still a bottle of white that's been kicking around in my fridge foreva). Then I will read a fashion magazine whilst watching bad late night tv. I will put fresh sheets on the bed and climb in and spread myself out so I occupy the maximum amount of space. A deep and blissful sleep is sure to follow.

I can't wait!!!

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