Monday, July 20, 2009

Alberta Politics - This one's a real nail biter!!

Remember when I ranted about that Alberta MLA who was a total jackass? So, the premier thought that his having to make an apology was punishment enough.

So now this other Alberta MLA, Boutilier...hold on

Boutilier is such a cool sounding name. I've been saying almost nothing but Boutilier all night!! aaaand back to the gist...

so, Boutilier comes out and publicly criticizes his party for putting on hold a project that his community has been anticipating for 20 years. A project that was approved a year ago. The project? To build a long-term care facility for old folks. In a town that currently has no such facility. Where old people are staying in what was supposed to be a temporary section of the hospital.

Now, without even getting into a cost-benefit analysis of a hospital stay vs. a long-term care facility stay, the dude kind of has a point. The health care system in Alberta is in complete upheaval and a project that's been on the books for 18 months now isn't looking like it's ever going to get built. 'cause they just keep pushing those projects back and back and back and south Calgary hospital what now?

So, what does our illustrious premier do? Fires the guy.

So one MLA proudly displays his disgusting sexism and complete lack of respect for a woman's right for equality and he doesn't even get a slap on the wrist.

Another MLA vocally opposes the cancellation of project that his constituency has been clamouring for and he gets fired. The next day. No warning, no discipline, no quiet shunning. Nope. Fired.

And why am I supposed to feel involved in the political process again? Voter apathy, what now? I mean, what's the freaking point?!?!

Politicians!!!!! Rage!!!!!

Who came up with this system? I don't even understand how that is a fire-able offense when being a misogynist doesn't even get you a reprimand.



Kathleen said...

Oooooooh! That makes me so mad! All thousand tiny kittens are raging!

I've seen people wait upwards of a year on the neuro-rehab ward to get into long terms care - in the second most expensive unit in the hospital (coming at $1200 - $1400 a night according to staff). Whereas long term costs less than $500 a week. There, fix that, budget problem solved, I'm a genius. Clearly they should let me run the country. Meh!

Now I'm all bent out of shape; this is why I avoid the news.

Sterling Lynch said...

Quiet loyalty is all that politicians expect or demand.

It's even more bizarre in Alberta where the Conservatives have an absolute strangle hold on the provincial government.

You'd think there -- if nowhere else -- a little internal opposition would be welcome and tolerated.

But, ego, ego, ego. Sexism: permissible. Criticizing the leader / party : impermissible.

post-fab princess said...

Vom. it.