Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A rather dull one I'm afraid

What do you like to do on your lunch hour?

I'm talking to you employed peeps here. Unemployed peeps are basically living a life of long lunch hours and extended weekends. I hate you. But not really because I'm a weirdo who actually enjoys working and gets restless with too much unstructured time.

I had a rather glorious lunch hour today. I took myself out to the Co-op. For those unfamiliar, the Co-op is a grocery store. And the downtown Calgary Co-op is like the grocery store mecca for yuppies. More than one aisle of produce? Produce that looks fresh and delicious? A salad bar? What?? Is that an actual meat counter with meat dudes working behind it??

I love it's faux marketplace set up and decor because it's the closest I can actually get to a marketplace. And also, um, I'm a yuppie.

Anyways, I took myself out to the Co-op. I mixed up a big, 'delicious' salad, picked up a frosty Diet Coke and went upstairs to the sad cafeteria style eating zone looking out over a bland road. I sat in the corner and read Love in a Time of Cholera for 45 minutes whilst munching my 'tasty' greens.

I was perfectly content and went back to work feeling happy and refreshed. It really felt like the perfect lunch hour. Sitting by myself, eating a salad and reading a book. I'm not quite sure what that says about me. I don't like salad! I don't like being alone! I don't really like Gabriel Garcia Marquez!

Inexplicable! Clearly I need



Lady Rose said...

bah! I've been reading all these writing blogs lately and rather than improving my game they seem to be deproving my game.

My Wit!(?) My Sass! My Verve!

Meg said...

Well, I'm currently unemployed, though I consider myself on a giant vacation before I start my new job (next week!!).

When I am employed I like to meet you at said Coop for a good hour of ranting.

Or go for a stroll along the streets, checking out used book stores and little shoppes where I cannot afford anything.

Alternatively, I like to nap in my car. If I've driven my car. And think I cna get away with it.

Kathleen said...

That's exceptionally weird. I had almost the same lunch yesterday(except that I got various forms of salad from Marcello's). Right down to the very same book...

As for me, I like anything that involves getting out into the hustle and the bustle. I don't normally like crowds, but this my first downtown job and I'm loving the excitement. And the running into random people I know in the middle of the day. And the fact that just about anything you could ever want, and nearly everything you don't really need is for sale in a 3 block radius. Presumably the novelty will wear off.

Meg said...

I like Marcellos. They have good salads.