Monday, July 27, 2009

The Scrutiny of Mr. Rose

I often tease Mr. Rose (lovingly, of course) about what a girl he is. This usually comes up when he wants to snuggle on hot summer nights or talk about life. I shut that hot summer night shit down but I’m much more amenable to his talking. So he’ll talk about life and his job and his writing and challenges he’s facing, etc. I immediately roll up my sleeves and start talking solutions, here’s what you can do to fix this, have you thought about trying this approach, let’s do some research here and here. When I ask him if he’s going to follow up on my problem solving activity list he responds, no. He just wanted someone to listen.

What a girl!! What’s the point of that?!? Let’s talk solutions here people!! Let’s fix this problem and get back down to business.

Now, Mr. Rose has suggested several things that prove his manliness: season tickets for the Calgary Stampeders, long pauses on TSN whilst flipping channels, membership on a soccer team (I pointed out that the real men played forward), cultivated appreciation for boobs (okay, I just made that up. If Mr. Rose actually said something like that I would choke on my single serving lunch-time Crystal Light), inability to see the messy kitchen.

Now, I’ll grant that several of those are very manly characteristics, in the stereotypical sense in which I gauge which are and are not ‘manly’ activities (geez, I hope Lady B doesn’t kill me). But none of those things ever sat perfectly with me. None of them were the perfect morsel that explains and illustrates that yes, Mr. Rose is indeed a MAN.

Until recently.

Whilst on vacation last month Mr. Rose was walking a bit more awkwardly than his naturally awkward gait. I inquired as to said walking impediment and was informed that he thinks he may have broken a bone in his foot while playing with the aforementioned soccer team.

The other day he made the comment again. Ongoing pain in the foot in addition to the original bruising and swelling have him quite convinced that, yes, in fact a bone in there somewhere is broken.

When I inquired when he would be going to the doctor I received a rather blank look. Why would he go to the doctor, there’s probably nothing they can do.

Okay, so you might have a broken bone in your foot? You definitely have ongoing discomfort and pain. But you won’t go to the doctor because there’s probably nothing he can do?

Signed, sealed and delivered. I am hitched to a bona fide man.

And guess who’s not looking forward to convincing that man to get an annual prostate exam?


Kathleen said...

On the subject of jumping in with solutions where they may not be required... Here's a few things I learned from breaking a bone in my foot last summer (5th mete...something - it runs right along the outside of the foot):

1) How it differs from a sprain or torn ligament: hurts less when at rest and way more when stepped on, like hard to walk more.

2) Heals in 3 to 4 weeks

3) Sadly, there is nothing they can do. Although I found the air-cast made it way easier to walk and decreased the pain to almost nothing.

I feel like I should have a "the more you know star..."

DaniBP said...

Yes good luck with that prostate exam. Better luck with the collect-poo-for three-days-then-mail-it test at age 50! wtf?
All in all, Mr.Rose sounds like a very well-rounded person, and a good partner. We all need a good balance of "pink" and "blue"!!

Lady Buttons said...

Heehee, naw, I won't kill you, don't be silly! I'm not as humourless as my blog rants are sometimes, and also, I'm enough of a hypocrite that I often refer to Lord B as my wife when he does similarly lady-like things. And sometimes I'm a stupid man, as in I'm the one who won't go to the doctor when I have some sort of affliction. Then my wife yells at me. :)

Lady Rose said...

ummm...poo through the mail? There's something that's just not right about that.

Lady Rose said...

also, relieved that I haven't rankled Lady B's ire! :) Us Ladies have to stick together after all.