Sunday, August 16, 2009

Edmonton Fringe: Day 2

The pleasant words would be something like well organized or focused. Less generous would be anal retentive or controlling. Like all vacations, my fringe experience is guided by a spreadsheet detailing activities I will engage in each day.

When Fringing, I do make a heartfelt attempt to adapt to Mr. Rose’s Taoist approach to life. Go with the flow and all that. The spreadsheet is still with me at all times but I will not be a slave to it. Plans change and I attempt to bend to the will of the universe.

Despite a complete lack of a cell phone we manage to make plans with Sterling for the next day. The universe provided a chance encounter. Clearly I was meant to dine with Sterling tomorrow night. Stay centered in the Tao and the world comes to you.

Our opening show of the day leaves something to be desired. While I enjoyed the talented performance and physical movement in this piece, ultimately there wasn’t enough drive or build for my taste. A low energy start to me day. 2.5 stars.

We have to drive to the next venue which is a fair distance away from the main grounds. We make it in time and I thoroughly enjoy the world created for us in Grimmer than Grim. Fucked up fairy tales so disturbing that you have to laugh. 3.5 stars.

The venue for The Accident is so hot that I feel close to passing out 30 minutes in. The air is immobile and stifling and reeks of human. I try hard to focus on what I think is a great show. Another one that does a great job of combining physical movement and prose. 3.5 stars. And I think the venue cost this show at least .5 of a star.

A quick jaunt over to Pitch Blond where we meet up with a few friends from the rainy city. A lovely performance that would be fantastic for fans of Judy Holiday. An interesting snapshot of the period. 3 stars.

Belly full of all day breakfast we head over to our second viewing of Gordon’s Big Bald Head. The 7 Lives of Louis Riel provide the fodder for their improv tonight. Yesterday’s was better but I still almost peed myself at the scene done entirely in French by two men who have only Grade 4 french. Ou est le bibliotecque? 4.5 stars.

Our sixth show of the day and I’m starting to get a little punchy. Fringe days stretch out like taffy. Fruitcake is funnier than I thought it would be. The individual bits are very well delivered, a mix of verse and prose and beat spoken word. The overarching concept is weak but it ends with a musical number so who am I to complain? 3.5 stars.

Tomorrow we head to the mall in the morning for a bit of a break. Don’t worry, we’ll still manage to squeeze in at least 4 shows. I flow on.


Meg said...

Good luck at the mall. I noticed some suh-weet deals while I was crashing the door at Old Navy on the weekend. If I wasn't broke-five I would have come home with a completely new wardrobe.

I need more coffee. Too early. Still not speaking the Queen's English.

Kathleen said...

Wow, that's a lot of shows in a day. I don't think I could handle that many, you are truly a Fringe professional. Hats off to you.

Wayne C. said...

Yep, six shows in one day is a little ridiculous. Three is the most I can handle and I'm a reviewer. :) Well done.