Monday, August 17, 2009

Edmonton Fringe: Day 3

Day 3 at the Fringe and we decide to skip free breakfast for a sleep in. You spend so much time at the Fringe standing (in line) or sitting (in uncomfortable seats) that it’s glorious to spend some time lying down.

We rearranged our schedule to see Space and ultimately wish we hadn’t. One day someone will produce a funny sci-fi show. We’ll probably end up missing that one and just have memories of poorly done sci-fi humour. My lowest ranking yet. 1 star.

We decided to mix things up even further and do some walking around. At the mall!! West Edmonton Mall is like every other mall you’ve been to. But bigger. And with a sea lion. And a sloth. And a water park. And an amusement park. All those stores and all those purchasing options, where do we end up making a purchase? HMV. In my defence, in this enormous 2-floor HMV I found a tv show that I’ve been looking for to give to my mom for nearly 5 years. Score!

Battling my questionable navigation and rush hour traffic we barely squeak in to nggrfg. Fortunately the thinner Monday crowds mean that we still get a great seat. I really liked some individual bits in this show and some of his stories are genuinely touching. To be perfectly honest though I feel like this show is well received because it is a gay black man talking about being black and gay. 3 stars.

A 2-hour break in our schedule (crazy!) and we meet up with Sterling for dinner. Remember the Tao? We bumped into him earlier in the day and confirmed our meeting time. Still no cell phones! I eat vegetables for the first time in 3 days. My body thanks me.

Back to the stiflingly hot venue, Chaotica starts out with a ton of promise. A neat concept and an energetic performance keep my beer sleepies at bay. Ultimately though the show doesn’t build to any sort of climax, it just…ends. 2.5 stars.

We finish off the day with some classic Fringe sketch comedy as The Skinny Presents… Adventures in X-Ray Theatre. Hit and miss as all sketch seems to be, this isn’t the most polished performance I’ve ever seen. But they generate a few genuine laughs out of me with Star Wars references and Sylvia Plath jokes. 3 stars.

Tomorrow is our last day at the fringe. 3 shows and then the boring drive back to Calgary. Fortunately I still have the donut place in Red Deer to look forward to.


post-fab princess said...

They have a sloth? That's just weird, and I don't approve. What must the parking lot be like - a giant abyss like Canada's Wonderland I bet! Do you have to take a white prison-esque bus from the lot to the mall??

I have lots of questions about this mythical place.

Meg said...

Did you go to the Bath and Body Works?!

Lady Rose said...

The sloth was weird. Though if you're going to keep an animal in a mall I guess a sloth might be your best option. I don't really know much about the natural sloth environment though.

The parking lot is massive, indeed. Fortunatley for us it was a Monday so we were able to park very close.

Ultimately, I think that the disappointment is that it only has the same stores every other mall has. It just has literally all of them in the one mall. Which I guess could be very handy.