Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Edmonton Fringe: Day 4

and the long road home. Well, not long so much as dull.

Breaking the trend of the past 4 days, the first show we see is excellent. Edmund is sharp and clever, well crafted and well acted. Our friends from the rainy city are in attendance and we catch up on what we've seen the last two days. (they are seeing even more shows than we are!)An excellent start to our last day. 4 stars.

One green onion cake break later and we're in line for Ryan Paulson: I'm Uncomfortable. The magic of fringe brings another chance encounter and we while away 30 pleasant minutes (for me anyways) waiting for the show to start. Ryan is funny and sweet and genuine. His show is really stand-up and therefore not entirely what I'm looking for in a fringe experience but he finishes with a very catchy musical number. You know how I love a catchy musical number. 3 stars.

We dash off to buy a purse and retrieve rain gear from the car (picture of purse to follow in later post). Afterlife is our final show of the fringe and sends us out on a high note. The first of the three stories is my favorite, featuring an old-timey lady who becomes the Dr. Kevorkian of her community. An interesting concept and well executed. 4 stars.

I'm sorry to leave the Fringe (though my ass is supremely thankful for the end of uncomfortable metal chairs) and I can already sense those post-fringe blues sinking in. But I am sitting here typing this entry with a purring cat in my lap and I do love being home.

In total: 18 shows (only one of which was truly awful), 2 bags of mini-donuts (I cracked today and had another), 1 cute new purse, encounters with 3 genuine friends, run-ins with 5 friendly acquaintances (including one in Red Deer at our dinner stop on the way home), and head-ducking to avoid 3 not so friendly acquaintances.

A satisfying fringe indeed.


Wayne C. said...

A very successful Fringe indeed.

Meg said...

I miss you and may call to rant this evening. But I'm having my bits inspected, so who knows what kind of mood I'll be in, and in that case, will spare you.



Meg said...

I cannot BELIEVE I commented that. What was I thinking yesterday at 2:48?

Oh, yeah, that I was halfway through the most stressful day at my new job yet and hadn't eaten! Hurrah.

Lady Rose said...

I was going to comment on your comment. But then I thought that drawing more attention to your lady bit doctor appointment might not be what you wanted.

But now that you've commented...I can't believe that you commented that!! Way to be open about your bits Bailey.

Meg said...

Well, no bits were inspected after all. I was spared the poking and prodding and gross, medical-grade jelly. Which really means that I have to go back.