Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scooter Love

I want this:

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, but Lady Rose, you already have this:

Yes, it's true. I do already have it in blue. But think of all the outfits I could coordinate to a pink one! You know how really rich people have a garage filled with snazzy sports cars? Well, I could be a middle class person with a garage full of scooters!

But seriously, have I ever told you how much I love Gracie? She is truly a fine vehicle. Not only is she extremely cost efficient...hold up. Let me tell you how cost efficient she is. When I bought her 4 years ago I worked out the difference in cost between Gracie and the bus. We are a one car family and as Mr. Rose is a horrible transit snob I am the one bussing it to work. Anyways, as long as I rode her for three years (for at least 8 months of the year) she would work out to be the same cost as a bus pass. We've been going steady for 4 years now so I'm saving literally tens of dollars a month!!

And on top of her positive economic impact on my life (ready for this car drivers? $6 a month in gas. And that's with today's crazy gas prices! Used to be $4 a month) she is way, way, way better than the bus. The bus does not come and go exactly on my schedule. The bus is filled with crazy, smelly people. I frequently cannot get a seat on the bus.

The only crazy, smelly person on Gracie is me. And I always get the best seat. Plus, people think it's cool to drive a scooter. That's pretty much the only cool thing about me. I milk it a bit.

The only downside? For some reason people think it's okay to talk to me when I'm on her. But why? Do you talk to people in cars next to you if they have their windows rolled down? No, you do not. And it's always the same questions: what's the gas mileage on that? aren't you afraid to drive that on Calgary roads? what are you doing later tonight? Seriously, it wears on me.

Next weekend I'm going to learn how to change her oil. If I learn how to do the maintenance on her that's even more tens of dollars I'll save every year! Plus I'm considering become one of those snooty scooter people who ride in scooter rallies and talk about stuff like changing our own oil.

If that fails I may just bedazzle my jean jacket. Mostly because I like saying bedazzle. Surely that will continue to up my cool factor, no?


post-fab princess said...

You have a scooter??? You are so cool. I am totally jealous.

I'm a transit snob too. I can't abide by smelly weird peeps nor lack of control over the timing of my arrivals/departures.

I can't believe people talk to you on your scooter. What up with that? That sucks. I hate it when people talk to me - it doesn't happen too often. You need a better bitch-face maybe??

Wayne C. said...

If only scooters had snow tires :)
I'm still a big believer in public transit, but I'm glad you are not buying a second car. Keep resisting car culture!

DaniBP said...

I think they talk to you because you are SO AWESOME! I love that scooter! Love! Love!
I like that idea of a middle-class person with a garage full of scooters. And maybe a closet of matching bedazzled jackets!

Lady Rose said...

PFP - I don't think bitch face is problem. I have a permenant frown line that is only getting deeper as the years roll on.

Wayne - It's definitely difficult to resist car culture in Calgary. This is not a city designed for public transit.

DBP - Why, thank you! I too think I am quite awesome. And clearly, a garage full of scooters must be matched to a closet full of bedazzled jackets. Maybe even some bedazzled gloves. And don't even get me started on helmets!!!!

Kathleen said...

They talk to you while you're on the road driving the scooter? Do these same people converse with cyclists or people riding in convertibles with the top down? I find that extremely odd.

Although in general I would say random strangers talk to you for the same reason dogs always jump up on people who hate dogs. I have no idea what the reason is, but it seems to be a similar phenomenon.

Lady Rose said...

I think you're onto something with the dog thing Kathleen.

But I should clarify that people generally only talk to me when I'm stopped at a light.

Which isn't to say I haven't had my share of charming comments yelled at me while driving. Or that I haven't let a choice zinger fly when someone cuts me off.

Meg said...

We could bedazzle some kind of significant bon mot on the back of your jean jacket. That might help stop the traffic-light chatter.

I have always been so jealous of your scooter-coolness.

Lady Rose said...

I think if I was going to bedazzle something on my jean jacket it would be:


(and I am jealous of your downtown living coolness)

Anonymous said...

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