Monday, September 07, 2009

Scooter mechanic extraordinaire!

Well, it's official. I am now a certified scooter mechanic. I can call myself that after I learn how to perform basic maintenance right? right?

Alright, maybe not. But I am still pretty darned proud of myself for having serviced my own scooter. I used to take Gracie into the hoity toity mechanic attached to the Vespa dealership. It was close to my house and despite their hoit and toit the staff were actually pretty friendly. When ye olde Vespa dealership closed down I had to resort to taking the scoot-sccot into the mechanics attached to the place where I bought Gracie.

A motorcycle shop.

I hate the motorcycle shop. The motorcycle people poo-poo me. And the mechanics are not nearly so friendly. They're all "what do you just need an oil change?" and I'm all "no, dude I need you to look at whatever needs to get looked at. and, yes, also change the oil."

They totally judge me for my lack of bike fixing skills. So I cracked open my manual, watched a couple You Tube videos and learned how to do it myself. I checked my brake pads (still good), tires (also, good), decreased the front and back brake freeplay, noted that the crankcase breather tube needed to be drained (though forgot to actually drain it. oops!), and my piece de resistance: changed the oil.

I bought and wielded a torque wrench. I am woman, see my torque! (let's ignore the fact that Mr. Rose had to help because I didn't have enough strength to turn the damn bolt)

Now to balance out the extremely manly display of mechanical skill I put on this afternoon I think I shall spend the evening reading O Magazine, watching a rom-com and painting my fingernails bright pink.

Happy Labour Day!


Wayne C. said...

Nice one. You should write a book "Zen and the art of scooter maintenance." OK maybe skip the zen part. :)

Lady Rose said...

Actually, given how frustrated tasks like this usually make me, I was pretty darn zen.

Perhaps: Awesomeness and the Art of Scooter Maintenance. A guide on how to increase your awesomeness in everyday life.

Wayne C. said...

I like it! :)

post-fab princess said...

Good for you! I know how to check my oil, that is about it. Mr. PBP once (with much cussing and swearing) changed our car battery, but other than that we're both morons. I am a breaker of cars, actually, rather than a fixer. I once broke my head gasket (??) when I was topping up the oil. I left the bottle top in the engine and closed the hood and it apparently popped it out of place...I surmise that's what happened, anyway. I never told the mechanic about the *incident*. All he said was, 'It almost seems like something has dislodged it - I can't figure out how it happened...'

Gulp. $800.

Do you think I really broke it by doing that or is it just a coincidence I am blaming myself for??? I'll never know!

Lady Rose said...

I suspect that whether or not you caused it, you will feel that guilt for the rest of your life.

But there's so many moving parts going on under that hood, who knows why things go wrong! :)

Sterling Lynch said...


Lady Buttons said...

Lady Rose, you are my hero! I so wish I had the oompa to even consider attempting such an undertaking! I sure hope you thumb your nose as you drive by the turdy bike shop.

Lady Rose said...

Thanks LB. I do have a certain smug satisfaction about the whole thing!