Sunday, September 20, 2009

Walking the Walk

My heart isn't in it peeps. I have had an exhausting and truly trying week. Life is busy, tummy's have been nauseous and exercise goals have been abandoned. But I realized that this is week 26 of my attempt at blogging once a week for 6 months. And if I failed tonight I would have to start all over again. So I'm blogging it out, half assed Sunday night style.

Today was the AIDS Walk so I was up disgustingly early for a Sunday. When I'm really nervous about waking up on time my body does this amazing thing where it wakes me up 20 minutes before the alarm goes off and I'm incapable of falling back asleep. Helpful for early morning uni exams, also helpful but not so necessary for 5:40 wake up times when really 6:15 would have done me. I really felt the loss of those extra minutes this morning.

I actually did the walk last week with our organizing committee since we're working on the day of the event. I wrangle media which involves twiddling my thumbs for hours and then running at full tilt for the longest 45 minutes ever. Dealing with media is actually the least favorite part of my job. I don't know why because when you break it down it's a fairly simple task but it's one of the only things in my work that causes me stress.

Anyways, I beat my fundraising goal! Hurrah! My target was $1,000. I actually raised $1,100 last year but economic climate blah blah blah, I thought I should be a bit more conservative this year. I finished off at $1,255 which I'm quite proud of.

I am glad that it's done and that life at the office will settle back down. Oh wait, there's that conference we're putting on next month, and then our holiday events. dangit.

Is it Christmas break yet??


Wayne C. said...

Wow that's an admirable goal for blogging. That's about the same pace I'm trying to keep, easier to set the goal and harder to follow through. Good luck

Sterling Lynch said...