Saturday, October 03, 2009

Gloomy Fall Days

This morning I awoke and threw open my curtains with that special Saturday morning glee. I was greeted by heavy gray skies and a weather forecast that's calling for snow.

Outwardly I'm grumpy as all heck about this. Secretly, on the inside, I'm as satisfied as a napping cat. By 3:30 today I will have finished all my weekend commitments and can spend the rest of my time lounging and shopping.

And there is nothing I like more than lounging with gray skies outside. I go to a lot of effort in the winter to make sure that I'm still getting out and doing things. I hate the way people hibernate so completely as soon as the snow falls. We live in an arctic desert here people. If you hibernate all winter, you're giving up a third of your year!!

But I do understand. Bundling up inside is somehow more acceptable in winter than summer. In the summer you're always trying to get outside and enjoy the weather while you can! Suddenly it's not okay to just sit and read a book for 4 hours, even if you do it outside. You need to be hiking and gardening and home reno-ing. There's very little acceptable sitting time when you have 15 hours of sun.

Fall hibernating is where it's at. It still feels novel and luxurious after all that forced outdoorsyness of the summer. Fleecy pants and warm blankets, long baths and hot cocoa, thick books and movie marathons, I love it all!

Now all I have to remember to do is to poke my head out come November so I don't fall into a winter rut. But for this afternoon/tonight it's World Without End, Sense and Sensibility (the movie) and a warm vanilla sugar scented bath. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Meg said...

I understand and agree whole-heartedly. I'm almost wishing for a mild sickness so I can stay home for a day, curled up in a comforter on our newly-purchased couch and watch Annie Hall. Or Dirty Dancing. Again.

post-fab princess said...

I guess I am what you might call an inside cat, pretty much all year round. Summer: 'my skin, it burns'! Winter: 'ach, the -40 air, my lungs, they burn'. I am soo totally getting a remote starter this year.