Saturday, October 31, 2009

Making a Real Difference

I’m just sitting here innocently, cruising through my Google Reader (product placement) and listening to Mr. Rose shout incomprehensible football language at the TV, when all of a sudden Tim Horton's launches a attack on my soul.

It was a commercial telling me all about the wonderful work Tim Horton's is doing with South American coffee growers. Training these hard working young men so that they can one day be successful business men. These men assured us that they were working as hard as they could so that they could one day be successful coffee growers.

I’m sorry, but has Tim Horton's started buying fair trade coffee? At $1.50 a cup I don’t think so. (admission: I don’t know how much coffee at Timmy’s costs as I don’t drink it, but I do get the feeling from others that it’s more than 7-11 and less than Starbucks)

I looked into Timmy’s “Coffee Partnership” and what it appears to be is teaching poor Colombian farmers how to grow higher quality crops. Of course, unless I am mistaken, these small farmers have to turn their product over to a market that is no more motivated to pay those farmers any more for their higher quality crops.

Of course, this is the system. Those producing the raw natural resources are at the bottom of the food chain. They do the most amount of heavy, difficult labour and reap the smallest amount of the products. Bloated corporations reap the majority off the fat, privileged citizens of Western society. We can’t grow coffee here but we must have exactly what we want, when we want and we have the means to make that happen. Never mind that 80% of the population is scraping by to find the basic necessities for life, we want a piping hot double double and we want it now!

Do you want to talk about actually making a difference Tim Horton's? Let’s have a chat about paying a ‘fair’ price for your coffee. Let’s talk about how a corporation can create partnerships that actually benefit other human beings. If you’re not going to actually sell fair trade coffee the least you can do is not push your bullshit Coffee Partnership on us as if you’re doing anything to actually make a difference.


Lady Buttons said...

Word -- Arsenio woofwoofwoof in your honour, LR! Couldn't have put it any better myself.

Meg said...

Grumble. I'm not a fan of Tim Hortons, I'm even less a fan of LIARS. But I am a coffee junkie so I will admit that shamefully, Fair Trade isn't the first thing I go for. Hot and available immediately usually are.

Sterling Lynch said...

Great post.

I finally went to the gym today and, therefore, was exposed to TV. Coincidentally enough, I glimpsed this Timmy Horton's ad but didn't pay too much attention. Overall, I was suspicious but optimistic. Now I am more former than the latter.

Lady Rose said...

The very next day our cable was finally shut off. We cancelled it many months ago but it seems to take them awhile to get around to turning it off.

For the best, really, as I love having cable when the Olympics are on but pretty much any other time of the year it starts to grate on me. It brings me so little enjoyment and yet so much anger. Commercials!!! I hate them!!

TV on DVD is the only way to live dahlings.