Sunday, October 18, 2009


eeps! I have been very remiss in my blogging. The weight of the world is upon this month. My usual November grumps have been bumped up by this endless gloomy weather we've been having. Global warming, you are messing with my seasons!

But I did the great clothing swap this week. Putting away all those cute summer sandals and tee's. Pulling out the cozy sweaters and winter boots. So while I was at it, I pulled out all my purses and did a little photo shoot. I know that I need to reduce my collection as I don't carry some of these anymore but I struggle more with cleansing purses than anything. Whether I bought it for 500 baht or 50 euros I have a peculiar attachment to my purses.

But I need to upgrade my collection. I need a truly grown-up lady, leather handbag. And when a bag like that finally gets added, some of my younger days cloth bags will have to go. But not my new flannel, plaid bag. Because I love it. A little too much.

It's a little hard to see in detail on this picture but my personal favorites are the plaid bag (right), the little maroon velvet bag (in front of plaid bag), the woven beach bag with bow (hanging in middle), and the black bag with adorable red ribbon (left).

Also, I just realized that this is 16 bags! I can see 4 that I can lose which should free up enough room on my shelves for that grown-up lady purse. Now if only I hadn't already spent my clothing allowance for October and November.


post-fab princess said...
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post-fab princess said...

^ sorry that was me up there.

Wheeee! I'm in pursvana. The cuteness.

I made the same decision and have purged my bags, deciding I'm buying upgraded bags from now on. Hence, I have just 2. And I only carry one of those two. And, I had to scheme and swoop and pounce around ebay to get it. But it was worth it because its fabulous.

My pickle is this. Every month I say I'm going to spend my clothes budget on an upgraded new bag, but then I always think, buuut, I could get, like 2 sweaters, a skirt and maybe something else for that price. And I go quantity instead.

It's a dilly!

Lady Rose said...

Only 2 purses! I think I will consider myself successful if I can get it down to 10. I have a hard time resisting cute little summer bags.

I think what I need to do is make a list and priority order everthing my wardrobe needs and just stick to that list for one year. Otherwise I end up with 6 cute jackets and not pants to go with said jackets!

RostockRose said...

I think one of the things in that picture is a kitten, not a purse! Perhaps she was curious about the surreal new tree that had sprouted in the living room? (What if purses grew on trees? Would you prefer a pesticide free LV or a GM Gucci?)

Sterling Lynch said...

Hey, there does appear to be a cat purse!

Lady Rose said...

Now if only that cat would concede to being carried around in a purse my life would be perfect.