Sunday, November 15, 2009


I'm swimming in a pile of stuff right now. The great office move of '09 has been going on for two months now. When I started working from home on a semi-regular basis I decided that we needed to move the office into the downstairs room that we always intended to be an office. I gleefully said goodbye to the old broken desk with it's uncomfortable and decidedly un-ergonomic setup. Although, by goodbye I don't mean to imply that it isn't still lurking around in the upstairs no longer an office and thus purposeless room upstairs.

We got a lovely new Ikea desk, so pleasingly large and providing of wondrous work space. But then we had to buy more stuff to store our office stuff. This new office room does have two closets but they are already tasked for storing our basement stuff. And other shelves store our DVD's, photo albums, books, CD's, sewing paraphernalia, etc, etc, etc.

So, now we have a lovely Ikea shelf (in black brown to match our Ikea desk and bookshelves) that's holding our office stuff and oh my god I have so much stuff!!!!

I threw out an entire box of cassette tapes. Why have I been holding on to cassette tapes?? Am I really going to pop the New Kids on the Block Christmas album into my Walkman and go for a stroll around the neighbourhood? Nay! I will pirate that album and download it onto my iPod. I mean, electronic stuff is totally different right?

So, yes, some stuff is useless and I'm working Mr. Rose pretty hard to rid ourselves of it (seriously, we own 4 coffee tables and have no room in our house for even one coffee table!!). But this other stuff, well, it seems necessary. Three different sizes of envelopes seems excessive but Mr. Rose mails out scripts and letters so they get used (albeit quite slowly). You don't just throw away hundreds of dollars of Philosophy texts (okay, I don't quite get this because I sold all my school books back at the end of every semester) because you may want to read or refer to them later. The Orson Scott Card collection? I've read all of those books at least twice and will probably read them again later in life.

But still, I'm drowning in stuff here people!! How do you deal with your stuff? How do you keep it from overwhelming you? If you live a stuffless existence, please tell me how do you do it?!?!


Meg said...

I don't know. I'm comforted by stuff. Though lately, since the time of the Great Cohabitation, I've noticed that I haven't missed any of the crap I packed away in our storage room. They might just get tossed out the next time we move, and I'll never even know what I'm missing.

Sterling Lynch said...

They stuff you own, ends up owning you! :)