Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Talking Whilst Peeing

Where do you stand on talking while peeing? I myself am not bothered by it, but several people in my life are extremely averse to it.

Admittedly, in the home bathroom, it’s just more trouble than it’s worth. It’s a solid door and the toilet is as far away from the door as possible (which I hate, by the way. I like being close to the door so that if somebody tries to walk in I can reach out and hold the door closed. I once had a random stranger walk in on me in a single stall bathroom and I have never quite recovered from the embarrassment).

Anyways, home bathroom involves a lot of shouting. But what about the multi-stalled public washrooms? We have a three-stall number at work and in an office full of women, we encounter each other in the washroom fairly regularly. I’ve noticed that most people will lapse into an awkward silence as they head into their respective stalls. These are the people who don’t like to talk while they pee.

I don’t get it. Doesn’t the silence make it worse? Then all you can hear is the sound of two people peeing? Doesn’t it make you even more self-conscious? Or is it something other than self-consciousness that causes you to fall silent?

I understand being self-conscious about, say, ‘reading a magazine’ (if you don’t watch HIMYM, that’s code for taking a poo. Also, watch HIMYM immediately!!). But let’s be honest, if a woman approaches the bathroom and enters a stall at the same time as a co-worker (even if she is armed with Poo-Pourri) there is very little chance that she will actually read that magazine.

So, what’s the deal? I’ve never had a problem talking while peeing. What is about pee talking that causes others so much anguish?


Sterling Lynch said...

I suspect it is mostly an alone-time moment for a lot of people. People are creatures of habit.

Lady Rose said...

You're such a loyal commentor. Thank you for making the effort, even on my boring pee-based blog entries.

Sterling Lynch said...

I think it's a great post! I would have said more but it seemed a little bit gender specific. C'mon! Any excuse to talk about bodily function and scatology and I'm right there in the, um, think of it. Ew. That even grosses me out a bit.

Lady Rose said...

Well, I guess it's nice to know that even you have your limits.

post-fab princess said...

For me it's that I don't like to hear other people pee. I don't really want to talk because I want to pretend that the other person isn't peeing. It is just too intimate for me. So, I shun pee talk and to avoid toileting at the same time as others (unless they are my boosum friends).