Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have a little notebook with a half dozen ideas for blog posts. I have had the entire week off. I have accomplished almost nothing.

I have a hard time being productive when I have time off work. Normally I would go on vacation which would keep me busy and active but this was a (shudder) 'staycation'. I was using up some overtime and a very jealous Mr. Rose didn't have any vacation days to take (he may make more money but I get more time. It works out very well for me actually!).

Now, I'm normally a getting shit done kind of person. I work hard at work (when there's work to do!), I volunteer anywhere from 10 - 25 hours a month, I read obsessively, and I have a few other hobbies that fill up my time. I'm not one of those crazy energizer bunny people but I have been known to be very productive.

For some reason though, when I have a stretch of time off work with no ostensible purpose I slide down into being this lazy blob-like creature. If I manage to shower, put on pants and heat up my own soup for lunch it has been a good day.

I mean, I do things. I read, I watch movies, I bake. But I'm certainly not making the most of my time. Unless slothing about is making the most of your time? Is it?

It's weird because on the one hand I find it enjoyable but on the other hand I kind of loathe myself at the end of the day.

Also, I hate the word staycation and I can't believe I stooped to using it in a blog post. And now I have to get Mr. Rose up and going. There's only two days left before work and I have to get things done!!!!!


Lady Buttons said...

I, for one, am outraged that you would put pants on on a blob day. Unforgiveable! You must, must, must blob in a proper fashion when you have down time. Otherwise, how to appreciate the fact that you *have* down time? What kind of world would it be where a vacationing lady couldn't just blob in her jammies all day eating candy and watching good ole movies? A world I would want no part of, I say nooo part of! Enjoy a proper blobbation, Lady Rose, and you will be well rested and enjoy work that much more when you get back to it! :)

Sterling Lynch said...

I tend to get more done when I have more to do. Having things to do forces me to use my time more efficiently.

There's a threshold, of course, after which too much to do becomes debilitating.

Blobbing for some part of the day, week, month, and year is essential for my well-being.

Blob proudly, I say; get two deadly sins for the price of one!