Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Puzzle

I'm just hanging out listening to a little Beyonce, you know getting into the Christmas spirit? I'm already fully in vacation mode. I should be showering and prepping to look festive for tonight's celebration. Instead I'm still in my bathrobe, aimlessly surfing the interwebs. I just spent the last half hour reading posts about spending the holidays with your own family vs. the in-laws.

And what is the conclusion I have come to? I am a selfish girl and Santa should not be so good to me this year. Mr. Rose and I have been married for 7 years now and we have only spent 1 Christmas entirely with his family (and that was the year they paid for us to go somewhere tropical!).

His family used to split their time evenly between here and Victoria. In these past 7 years they have only gone to Victoria once. We actually went that year but we flew on Christmas Day so that I wouldn't have to miss Christmas morning with my family. There is something unspoken there and they seem to just sense that I won't choose to be without my family.

Admittedly, Mr. Rose is not exactly brimming with opinions about what we should and where we should go. He's a go with the flow kind of guy who is generally happy for me to steam along making all of our decisions.

Sometimes this bothers me but I realize now that at Christmas I just let it happen so that things work out for my benefit. This was actually the first year they directly asked us to with them for Christmas. There are actually good reasons on both sides for why we should have gone or why we should stay here.

Ultimately I won and here we are. I thought it was because my reasons were better but now that I'm ruminating on it, I wonder if I wasn't just being entirely selfish.

But I can only be so funked out about it. It is Christmas Eve after all! :) I've got to get showered and styled and then there's a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and a glass of nog calling my name.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas: scary religious holiday?

Allow me to preface this by saying that I don’t prescribe to a set of religious beliefs. Organized religion in general makes me a bit queasy as I find humans in large groups rarely act in an ethical manner.

My family isn’t religious at all. And yet, at midnight on Christmas Eve the youngest member of the family present puts Jesus in his place in the nativity scene and we sing a heartwarming a cappella version of Away in a Manger or Silent Night (just depending on where our groove is at that year). After we all hug every other person and wish them a Merry Christmas.

This is one of my fondest Christmas memories and the only time during the season when a whiff of Christianity enters our celebrations. So, if you take that out, are we really celebrating the birth of Christ or are we celebrating a Canadian holiday that involves turkey, booze and family gatherings?

Just because something is a religious holiday does that mean that the only way to celebrate it is to subscribe to it’s doctrine? I mean, wasn’t Christmas originally placed where it was to make it easier for the pagans to switch over to being Christian? (C’mon guys, our celebrations are at the same time…why not make a change this holiday season?) And I thought that people don’t even think that Jesus was born in December.

I have been told that I can’t have the Christmas without the Christ. Bully to that I say. Can’t Christmas just be an end of year celebration? Or just a cultural celebration? Who cares if we stole it from the Christians? I mean, they stole it from someone else in the first place.

Christmas: the non-denominational holiday. Gingerbread men and women a must, angel shaped sugar cookies optional. Either that or I guess I have to start celebrating Festivus. And I don’t think I’m up for the feats of strength.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's suddenly December 16th and I find myself remiss in my Christmas duties. Cookies and cards sit unmailed! Presents for the challenging family members remain unbought (damn you brother! and 17-year old cousin!). And let's not even get into the wrapping. Many a ribbon lies uncurled in my festive gift wrap supply bag.

The latest cold snap has brought on a serious case of the winter lazies. Every day or two I lament(to anyone who will listen)..."December X! Oh woe, I am so behind!"

To be honest, I'm having a bit of life ennui right now. And some serious blog ennui! I recognize that some of this is being caused by a medication I'm on that is causing some serious all day drowsiness but it's more than just that. I'm just un-pumped about the same-same-ness of life.

I have this niggling feeling that nothing we do matters. I have been trying to read motivational e-books to counteract this but I am having a hard time believing that one person can actually make a difference.

Excuse while I go mope and grouse for a bit now. Perhaps I'll do a bit of reading about the state of politics in Alberta right now. That might light a fire under me!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ruminations on Winter Driving

Oh no, I have slipped into my poor blogging habits of yore. I sense one of those resolutions coming on. And now, on to more important musings on winter driving.
  1. Seriously Calgarians, you are surprised by this fluffy white stuff falling from the sky? I don't see how it's possible since much of it has been laying on the ground for many weeks now. And yet, the way you drive it is as if you are experiencing snow for the very first time.
  2. Here's a quick lesson for you: hot things are hot, cold things are cold, and ice is slippery. I thought that was basic knowledge gained by the age of 2 but once again I appear to have overestimated the intellectual capacity of the vast majority of humans.
  3. Snow tires. I suggest you look into them. Yes, I realize they are expensive but, frankly, driving a car is expensive. If you drive a small, light, Japanese made human mover, just do it. Trust me, it makes a world of difference.
  4. If you can't do it, don't. Look, I know that public transit is a real pain the ass at the best of times but if you are not capable of handling your vehicle after a light dusting of festive powder, just don't. Don't drive if you can't handle winter roads.
  5. "The person in front of me stopped so quickly, what was I supposed to do?" is not an excuse for rear ending someone. Sometimes a quick stop is required. Again, I thought safe following distance was a pretty straight forward concept. Apparently not so much.

In the end, I made it home accident free. But I was reminded why I avoid winter driving like the plague. I am not the best winter driver but I can certainly handle myself safely on the roads. Unlike what appeared to be 50% of my fellow drivers here in Calgary where winter driving conditions can be the norm for up to 4 months a year.