Monday, January 11, 2010

Montreal in March

...and then some other vacation days passed in a blur. And now I am back to the daily grind.

Exciting news today! I get to present at a fancy-pants conference in Montreal in March! Fortunately I just submitted for a poster presentation so I don't have to be a completely grown-up lady addressing a crowd for 50 minutes. I figure on a lot of standing and the answering of a few vague questions. I mean, I still have to look like a grown-up lady while I stand next to my poster about how to create a social marketing campaign for STI's to diverse communities.

OK, actually, I know the poster presentation thing seems easy but I'm feeling a bit queasy about it. What if people are really interested and ask me questions I don't know how to answer?? What if I'm not enough of a social marketing expert?? What if they see through my grown-up lady sham?? Somebody might figure out that a not-so grown-up lady lurks beneath my expensive suit and accessories (mental note: buy expensive suit and accessories).

I am not from the world of academia! I am not used to talking about my research or methodologies! So basically I'm half excited and half terrified. Here's hoping that the terror ebbs away as I prepare my materials.

p.s. truly I think it a very grown-up thing to present at a professional conference in my industry! And surely it will look good on the old resume, no?


Lady Buttons said...

Oooh, that's super-exciting, and definitely very grown-up-lady-ish, not to mention excellent-for-the-CV-ish! Montreal! How exotique! :)

I am the first to admit that public speaking is not one bit easy--for me, anyway--but the asking questions bit is the best part! I just did a talk last week and wanted to vomit the whole time, until we got to the q&a. I was so relieved that they were interested enough in what I had to say that they *had* questions at all!

From one lady to another, you are a star, and I have no doubt you'll shine! And nobody sees through our lady shams, for we are too clever to be unmasked! :)

Lady Rose said...

Thanks Lady B! I'm always so anxious before I go to conferences and then I get there and realize that I'm just as good as everyone else. Even better than some. :)

Plus it will be lots of social work-y type people so I just need to dazzle them with some graphs and social media jargon.

Meg said...

Graphs! Charts! Dazzling smiles!

I'm so excited for you and proud that I know a real smart lady.

Wayne C. said...

Good luck! You know Montreal is close to Ottawa. Maybe you can swing by after your conference?
It would be cool to see you again.

post-fab princess said...

Super exciting, and very grown ass lady-like. You're going to do great, OBVIOUSLY. (:

I am the exact opposite of LB in my approach to presentations. I'm fine with the talking, but fielding questions makes me want to vommie.

Lady Rose said...

Thanks for the ego strokes and lovely supportive words ladies. Now I just have to figure out my conference wardrobe. 3 long conference days calls for something comfortable yet professional with a kicky marketing/communications flair. Clearly a shopping trip is in order.

oh, and Wayne, conversely Montreal is close to Ottawa. Surely you could just nip up for a quick drink, no? :)

Sterling Lynch said...

Nice! Road trip!