Sunday, January 03, 2010

Oh, hello

I didn't see you there. I've been in a haze of back pain for the greater part of my Christmas holiday and it's making me seriously grumpy. Fortunately I am awash in unused overtime so I still have a week off.

When some people take a week off early in the new year they fill their days with lists of life-improving projects. Not me. In fact I have no plans at all for this week stretching ahead of me. I have a vague desire to re-org my closet and throw away holey underpants but all this TV on DVD I received may just win out.

I have been thinking about a blog redesign though. This sad old Blogger template has been getting me down lately. And, one of the reasons I started this blog was to improve my writing skills. I don't feel like a lot of the writing I have been doing lately has been doing anything to reach that goal. I hope that a snazzy new look for the blog will give me a kick in the butt, writing-wise.

So, I guess that's almost a New Year's resolution...or as close as I can get to making a resolution. 2010, I sincerely hope that you're going to be a good year for me. Things are looking good so far...

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Sterling Lynch said...

Enjoy your extra long break!