Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Theme Song

I've been watching a lot of Ally McBeal lately and while I frequently want to punch Calista Flockhart in her pouty lips, I took something of value from a recent episode. One of the things I really like about the show is the use of music, or an inner soundtrack, to assist in the functions of everyday life.

Fortunately I don't work in a high stress environment with my ex-boyfriend who I am still in love with, his 'beautiful' wife, and a host of self-absorbed lawyer types. I do, however, have the same need to calm myself down, diffuse emotionally charged situations, and jazz myself up to deal with challenges.

So, I've been on the hunt for a theme song and I think I have finally settled on a favorite by the Proclaimers, I'm On My Way. If you're unfamiliar with the song, watch the wacky video here:

I know, it has some vaguely Christian overtones about the next life and the video is truly terrible. But I have never heard this song and been able to stop my toes from tapping. It's light and kicky and great fun to sing along with. Most of all, it works.

Earlier today somebody was getting all up in my grill about something and I started playing the opening chords in my head. I immediately felt better, dealt with the conflict in an efficient and cheerful manner and did a little grapevine dance move down the hall afterwards.

So, do you have a theme song? Maybe even one that you use unconsciously?


Sterling Lynch said...

I don't really have a theme song but I used this track as a daily pick me up while I was breaking up with a GF I still lived with -- in Calgary no less.

Coincidentally, the video is also total shite.

Sterling Lynch said...

actually on further reflection ... that is, I found myself singing it .. this track is a classic get me motivated tune:

Lady Rose said...

Nice picks! (I think that video is even worse than my video. It's bad in a trying to be funny but failing kind of way)

Anonymous said...

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