Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Crush

Everyone has their own protocol for acceptable behavior in a romantic relationship. In particular, I’m talking about acceptable levels of interaction outside of the primary relationship. I have a couple friends who have ‘open’ relationships (some married, some not). I, personally, can’t fathom this working for me as I am way too prone to jealousy and competitiveness. A bad combo with an open relationship I think!

Now, you may disagree with me here (because everyone’s got their own boundaries) but I am totally open to The Crush. I don’t mean some little second glance at a cute boy walking down the street. No, peeps, I mean the heart crushing swoony kind of crush.

Since being married I’ve had the occasional real-life crush but my most swoony crushes have been with fictional characters. At first I hated myself a little because I think celebrity crushes are lame. Then I realized that I wasn’t lusting after David Tennant necessarily…though, Mr. Rose, if I were to meet Mr. Tennant in a dark corner at some sort of steamy Hot Scot event…well, we’re still allowed a List, right???. Anyways, it’s not actually David Tennant I ‘secretly’ love, it’s the Doctor (sci-fi nerd alert!!).

All of this is a lead-up to reveal my latest TV crush. Now, since I haven’t had cable for years I’m a bit behind so my current crush would have been popular in 2004. Peeps, I refer to the dreamy Logan Echolls on Veroncia Mars. Oh Logan! At first I hated you because you were a spoiled rich kid who was mean to Veronica. Then I loved you because you went out of your way to protect Veronica when she was in danger. I loved you even more when you and Veronica started having secret make-out sessions in bathrooms (totally reminded me of my forbidden romance in high school that involved many clandestine make-out session!). Then I hated you when I thought that you were the one who slipped Veronica GHB at Shelly’s end of year party. Then I loved you when it turns out that you didn’t do that. Then I hated you when it looked like you were trying to film you and Veronica getting it on!

Now I don’t know how I feel because I haven’t watched the next episode. But I have been riding a crush roller coaster all week and I love it! Spring is on the way peeps, I feel it in my crush!


Meg said...

I totally agree. The crush is so important, especially when the butterflies have died and you spend most of your time together lazing around on the couch covered in crumbs wearing your fat pants.

Those butterflies come a springing back! Is it a bad sign that a date with my TV crush is pretty much the only reason I have to do my hair on the weekends?

Lady Rose said...

No, it's a sign that you have become a 'married' couple. You're on the other side of the fence now!!

Meg said...

But I didn't even get a KitchenAid Mixer!!!

Lady Rose said...

We need to see a ring and a ceremony before you get the KitchenAid. Otherwise everyone would play the 'married' gambit just to get small appliances.

Meg said...

Fine. FINE. But don't complain when I force you to strap yourself into some taffeta!