Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mommyblogger to be....that's me!

Okay but seriously, I don't think I can ever be a true mommyblogger. I haven't done too much reading in the genre but most mommybloggers I have checked out make me throw up a little. In fact, I have some serious fears about becoming a mommy.

Look, I know that most women who are 14 weeks pregnant are all glowy and dewy fresh and living a perfect tampon commercial life. But did you really think pregnancy would be like that for me? Nay friends. It has been a nauseous, sexless, vomit-y, achy, exhausted, whiny whiny whiny time for me. (I hear the second trimester gets better...fingers crossed!)

All this vomiting probably explains my negative state of mind...seriously, you try throwing up dinner every day for 3 weeks straight and we'll see how positive you are! So, while I'm sure I will get to that excited place right now I am living in mommy fear.

I mean...what have I done? I am growing something inside me that will be completely dependent on my for survival, a tiny ball of constant demands with very little regard for my own needs or state of mind. It's already completely fucking with my sleeping patterns and ability to drink Diet Coke and it's just a fetus!

And worse than that...what if I turn into a mommy-bot? Sure I'm all liberal and cool with harm reduction philosophies now but people change when they become parents. They move to the suburbs, vote Conservative and get nervous around homeless people.

Here's hoping the panic attacks also subside in the second trimester.

ps. squeeeee! okay, maybe I'm a little excited :)


DaniBP said...

Oh my...I am so excited for you! The second trimester is much better. I was always very sick for the first three months, and then entered the zone of glowing pregger-land.
Don't worry, you will not become a mommy-blogger (I have 3 kids and I focus on the silly fashionz on my blog, why do I want to blog about my foo' chilrun'?), also you will NOT become a Conservative (probably a Green, the world goin' to shit an' all...)
Mostly you will have the time of your life. Mazel Tov!!

Meg said...

Huzzah! And squeee!!

I have been holding that squee in publicly for so long!!!!

Now I must get to teaching you to knit so you can knit all your own organic hemp baby wear. Maybe we can even get to spinning and weaving so you can make your own cloth diapers!

Too far in the opposite direction?

Congratulations to you and Mr. Rose!

Lady Buttons said...

Huzzah!, squee!!, and woohoo!!! :) Congrats, Lady (and Lord!)! I agree with DaniBP on all points. The first trimester was nothin' but a total drag/drain for me. I wasn't barfing up dinner, but breakfast. And sometimes on the GO train. Ergh. But 'tis a wonder and worth every darn minute. Honest. Just so happy for you!

And I don't think you have it in you to be a mommy-bot. You are a hip hipster, lady, and nothin' 'bout child rearin' has to change that. Congrats!

Lady Rose said...

Thanks ladies! I am truly looking forward to some second trimester glow. I have actually been vomit-free for 3 days now so hopefully I'm on my way to nausea-free days!

Kevin said...

Holy cow! Congrats and all that! Enjoy your time with your very own special pelvic parasite. I'm sure you'll be an awesome mom. A hip one, even. (Although I'm approximately the opposite of an expert on mommydom or hipness.)

Sterling Lynch said...


Wait I can't do that.

Ahem. Well done. Good job. Good soldier.

I have no advice on pregnancy or trimesters.

I promise, however, not to call you out or tease you when you turn into a glowing mommy-blogger. Instead, I will smile quietly to myself and enjoy the light.

Give Mr. Rose a manly chuck on the shoulder.

Deb said...

Yippee! Congratulations. I don't think you have it in you to be a typical mommy-blogger. You'll probably be one of the mommies that all the soccer moms look on in (public) disdain, but (private) jealousy.

Um yeah, second trimester bliss. I'm not going to tell you about my second and third trimesters. Just assume it will be great and if it doesn't follow the textbook, you can deal with it then.