Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Polyester Pants. Shudder.

Normally when I forget to blog for days at a time I have no excuse. Now I have the excuse that I feel vommie all the time. Last night as I was throwing up dinner my actual thought was “nooooooooo…my nutrients!!!” That was a wasted pile of broccoli. Of course, did I steam myself some more broccoli? No peeps, I did not. I had just thrown up. So naturally I had a chips & salsa and ice cream chaser.

And you know what is even more gross than sending back dinner every night? Polyester pants. I have officially started to ‘grow’ out of my regular work pants. So I find myself in the awkward in between phase. I’m not big enough to move into maternity pants but I’ve grown out of my regular pants.

Taking the advice of my pre-natal books I decided to buy some one size up pants that will hopefully tide me over for the next 4 – 6 weeks. I hope that winter will end in this time and that I can then just purchase summer weight maternity pants (c’mon universe, work with me on this one).

Anyways, what this boils down to is a trip to an outlet Reitman’s having a buy one get one 50% off sale. I wanted 2 pairs of pants and I wanted to spend no more than $40. I mean, how much are you willing to pay for pants you’ll wear for 6 weeks? I managed to get 2 pairs for a mere $23.

The downside? They are polyester. Shudder. I can’t remember the last time I wore polyester pants. Do you see how much this baby is changing my life already?!?!? And there is nothing you can do to camouflage cheap pants!

I want a sign to wear. Today my sign would say “I don’t normally wear ugly pants, I’m pregnant!” A few weeks ago it might have said “I don’t normally throw up behind dumpsters, I’m pregnant!” A few weeks from now I think it might say “Hey, I can fart loudly in public if I want to, I’m pregnant!”


Meg said...

One of my high school teachers refused to wear anything but saggy grey sweatpants the ENTIRE time she was pregnant. In comparison, you're the epitome of chic!

But yes. Polyester. I hate the way the pants mae sounds when my thighs rub together. Which, btw, is ALL THE TIME.

Sterling Lynch said...

I look forward to frequent and regular posting once you hit the public farting without remorse stage. Comedy gold awaits!

Lady Rose said...

Mr. Rose had a great idea. A t-shirt that says "I don't normally" and then a little piece of whiteboard and underneath "but I'm pregnant".

I'm not sure I'm capable of public farting without remorse...but who knows what the future holds!