Friday, February 19, 2010


For years I have wanted to be one of those fabulously dressed professional ladies. Specifically, I envied people who could wear scarves and was secretly sad that I had no idea how to wear a scarf. I didn’t know how to tie a scarf or what to wear a scarf with.

Then something happened. I realized that I had the internet. I did a little googling and found a few handy instructional videos on how to tie a scarf. I also discovered that as it turns out, you can wear a scarf with anything!

Thus began my scarf fetish. What did I do before scarves? Scarves are the easiest accessory I can imagine. It takes about 30 seconds to dress up any top with a scarf which is about how much time/patience I have for accessorizing. Scarves work for both casual and professional outfits. I even have Mr. Rose sporting a man scarf occasionally!

For your viewing pleasure, my scarf collection. The cheapest scarf in the bunch rang in at $3 and the most expensive retailed for $300 (not that I paid that much for it!). Can you tell which was the cheapest and which was the priciest?