Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

I should never promise to do a series of themed posts because I will inevitably lose interest. Though on the same topic of sex I will point out that I figured out how to get Mr. Rose to participate in Earth Hour last night...

It's not that he's not into the Earth. I mean, we compost and recycle and use cloth shopping bags and choose to live centrally to reduce transportation needs. We live in a fairly walkable community and for most of the year we do walk to places like the grocery store and video store and bank and neighbourhood pub.

But still, he hates Earth Hour. He thinks it's stupid and doesn't make a difference and isn't really a symbol for anything. Of course, we do live in Calgary which is renowned for having it's energy consumption spike during earth hour (sooo embarrassing). And he would explain his position much more philosophically than I would.

I myself am a fan of earth hour. I think it's pretty good awareness raising and I actually like the symbolic statement it makes about how changing something pretty small individually can amount to something a bit more significant when a group participates.

Then yesterday, it occured to me that I don't have to sell Mr. Rose on Earth Hour. I can dupe him with sex. Everyone wins! I get to honour Earth Hour and Mr. Rose gets some romantic 'snuggling' time. Well, I guess technically I get to win twice in that scenario (or was it three times? badum-ching!)

Of course I checked the news this morning and it seems that Calgary's power consumption was down 0.05% during Earth Hour. *sigh*

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Sterling Lynch said...

It's difficult to change behavior. Small collective and symbolic acts can get people in the habit of at least thinking about their behavior. I think it's a good idea. Plus, the perfect excuse for sex! earth saving sex no less. Woot again!