Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My First Time

I went to see a production of My First Time tonight. The show itself was funny but ultimately just okay. It has, however, inspired me to recall my first time. And since my post yesterday was about sex I figure I'll just roll out a whole week's worth of sex posts. Everyone likes sex, right?

My first time was rather unremarkable. I actually had an attempt at a first time when I was 15. I had actually forgotten about it but I recently dug up some old journals and there it was. I had done many other things with that boy but when it came to the actual act of penetration we were clearly both way too wired up and nervous about the whole thing. It's too bad really. He was a nice guy and we had been dating for awhile. If it had worked out I'm sure I would have a sweet memory of an awkward but loving first time.

Instead I have a rather bland memory. I was 17 and K and I had not been dating. We were friends so it wasn't unpleasant or anything. It was at some party. It wasn't painful or pleasurable, it just was. A let down really. The only thing that redeemed the experience is that this song was playing (on repeat for some reason!) on the stereo. Because if your first time is unremarkable you at least want an ironic song providing background soundtrack.

Unbelievable? Snorfle!


Wayne C. said...

Looks like things are heating up on your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Meg said...

I look forward to experiencing my first time after exchanging wedding vows.


My grandmas read my blog. And probably yours. The airing of the dirt must happen in a more private forum. Let's just say there was also a soundtrack...but not quite as epic as yours!

Lady Rose said...

Fortunately for me I am unconcerned about your grandmas judging my level of pre-marital sex. :) I'm not sure either of my grandmas would have cared when they were alive. They were both pretty cool ladies.

But this is the downside to letting your family know about your blog!

Sterling Lynch said...

I think that song ended up on repeat at many a "getting it on" teenage party!

My first time having sex was crappy. You've already read a fictionalized account of it.