Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Return from the rainy city

Every time we go to Vancouver (a nearly annual sojourn) almost every person I visit asks why we don't move to Vancouver.

I get it. I mean, Vancouver is a beautiful city. Despite a near constant cover of cloud, the city is vibrantly green. Vancouver proper is filled with beautiful old homes, plentiful shops and a truly walkable lifestyle. My politics align more closely with Vancouverites than most of my Calgary peers. I even like the rough and rocky Canadian beaches on offer. Most importantly, my hair and skin look fantastic in Vancouver. Seriously, my face is smooth as a baby's backside and my hair is like spun silk. We have both family and friends living in a nearby the city. The type of work we do here could easily be done there.

But (there's always a but) despite all of these things I can't imagine wanting to uproot my life here. I have lived in Calgary my whole life and I love it. I love our variable weather patterns. Despite what it does to my skin and hair, I love our dry air. I love the crisp winters and sluggish springs. I have a huge social support network of family, friends and friendly acquaintances. I enjoy the wide range of cultural activities on offer. I love being a burgeoning eco-hippie in a red-necked oil town.

Plus, you know, I own property here. So I'll think we'll be riding it out here Vancouverites. But don't worry, we'll always come visit. Though possibly never again in early April. Because it may be beautifully green but it sure rains like fuck in the spring. And there's nothing worse than feeling moist all the time.

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