Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A grown up lady should be able to wear heels, right?

My opening night outfit was a fail! I had bought these cute new shoes to wear a few weeks before. I paraded around the store and proclaimed how comfy and awesome they were. They just needed a little something to keep that slingback slung back. What I wasn't counting on was two days of hard walking (museum floors! why you be so hard?!) preceding the opening night. Or the fact that I had to wear hose of some sort to keep my pale, pale legs from looking quite so hideous. Or the fact that we weren't in Calgary anymore, which meant walking 6 blocks to the theatre.

Oh, the pain. My slingback fix didn't work with my nylons so the back kept slipping down. My feeties were tender from so much walking and they kept getting squished forward. Then after the show we had to stand up in a sweltering hot, teeny tiny lobby for hours. I was dying. I eventually had to take the shoes off. I got looks.

Which brings me to my title, shouldn't a grown up lady be able to wear heels for an evening? The answer is yes but I have never managed to acquire this skill. I find heels agonizing if I have to do more than 15 minutes of standing or walking. But I see all those New York girls flitting about in their 3 inch stilettos. How do they do it?!?!?!

Yet another roadblock on my quest for grown-up ladydom. sigh.


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